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926 J St
Sacramento, CA, 95814

(916) 492-4430

The Citizen Hotel ushers in a new era of luxury in downtown Sacramento. Look through our Citizen Hotel Wedding blog to see photos of our elegant wedding spaces and spark your creativity!

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The Citizen Guide to Buying Wedding Rings


Today’s guest post comes from Jessica Carter, a new jewelry blogger & self proclaimed diamond expert. Read more articles by Jessica at her blog, Diamond Clarity.

With a market overflowing with differing wedding ring designs and styles, how can the everyday consumer easily navigate the endless array of wedding rings to find his or her very own ideal wedding band? Here’s how:

1. Setting a Budget

The first and perhaps most important step in buying your very own wedding ring is setting a budget. A preset budget will not only keep you from overspending on your wedding ring, it will also help limit your choices when it comes to selecting your wedding band in terms of the quality of materials used in making your wedding band, the quality and amount of diamonds and/or other precious gemstones which may be incorporated into your ring, the design elements involved in making the band, etc.

2. Deciding on a style

After you’ve set your budget it is time to start looking around for your perfect wedding ring. Since a wedding ring is supposedly meant to last you a very long time, it is vital that you spend some time in thinking on which wedding ring design will best suit your personal aesthetics, as well as your budget.  You can try on differing wedding ring styles and designs at local brick and mortar stores or look online for jewelry sites that have a 3D option, that’ll allow you to view the wedding ring of your choice from all possible angles.

3. Certificates of authentication

After you’ve made your selection and before you make your purchase, make absolutely sure that the wedding band you are about to purchase comes with an approved certificate of authentication which details the mounted diamonds’ and/or other precious gemstones’ qualities and attributes. A certificate of authentication will not only ensure the gemstones’ quality, it will also guarantee the stones’ authenticity. As such, it is recommended to refrain from purchasing wedding rings that lacks the approved certificates of authentication as you will find that other jewelry vendors will not deal in rings that are missing their certificates in case you ever decide on selling your wedding band or that your insurance company will not agree to insure an uncertified wedding ring.

4. Store Reviews and Repute

Whether you decide to shop for your wedding band at a local brick and mortar jewelry store or on online jewelry store sites, make absolutely sure that the store you are planning on purchasing your wedding band from is of good repute before you make your final purchase. Jewelry stores with good reputations are less likely to cheat its customers by overcharging their customers for substandard products. You can check the repute of your selected jewelry store by contacting your local business bureau or by going online and looking at sites which feature customer testimonials, products reviews and store reviews on your chosen jewelry store.