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926 J St
Sacramento, CA, 95814

(916) 492-4430

The Citizen Hotel ushers in a new era of luxury in downtown Sacramento. Look through our Citizen Hotel Wedding blog to see photos of our elegant wedding spaces and spark your creativity!

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The Citizen Hotel Wedding Blog

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Future Citizen Bride & Groom: Ashleigh & Jared



Normally we don't post engagement sessions, but after getting our hands on these STUNNING photos, we just had to share them with you! This photo shoot was one big collaboration between Beth from True Love Photo, Shannon from Flourish, and Kate Miller Events. With an "au chocolaut" theme, perfect lighting, and a ridiculously good looking couple, we'll be swooning over these pics all year long! Ashleigh and Jared are getting married at The Citizen this summer—can you even imagine how beautiful their wedding pictures will be?

Thank you Beth for sharing these gorgeous photos with us!

Film Photo Shoot


In a world of digital photography, many photographers love to break out their film cameras every once in a while. Gary Buth is no exception, and here's the result of his recent film photo shoot at The Citizen! Cameras used: Mamiya RB67 medium format camera in 6×7 and 645 formats with a variety of lenses from 50mm to 180mm, Nikon F5 and Nikon F100 35mm format cameras using 35mm to 200mm lenses.

Film stock used: primarily Kodak film consisting of Portra 400VC and 160VC, TMAX 100 B&W, Tri-X 400 B&Wand Ilfrod 3200 B&W. Some of the Black & White film was pushed to ISO1600 and as high as 6400 for increased grain and processed to boost contrast.

All film processing was handled by Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood.

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